Let's light this candle
Well hiya cupcake! I'm Gabrielle. Yes, the Gabrielle, the Archangel, but don't worry i'm the fun Archangel. Now, you're probably wondering why i'm a chick. Well, that's simply because my last vessel didn't make it through my resurrection when i was pulled out of Purgatory.
So anyways, now i'm back, new and improved and ready to pick up where i left off.
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Sweet, Sweet Revenge
Sweet-talkin', Sugar-coated Candy[girl]
Gabrielle was raiding a candy store yet again, her being the only one in there. After a while, she had a huge bag a candy and was still searching for candy. She continued grabbing her favorite candies, then suddenly bumped into someone, dropping her bag, most of her candy spilling out.

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